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that's it for us. we'll see you one hour from now. piers morgan starts now. filling in is robin meade. >> i'm robin meade in for piers. hell on the high seas. >> i promise you none of my family members will ever take another cruise. >> the carnival cruise nightmare. 4,000 stranded on that crippled ship, slowly being pushed ashore. family members anxiously
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awaiting for its arrival. and i'll talk to a doctor about the real health threat on that ship. >> this is a floating petrie dish. guns in america. the president's big push for a sweeping new ban. >> from the two months since newtown, more than 1,000 birthdays, graduations, anniversaries have been stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun. >> i'll talk to the husband of the school psychologist who died at sandy hook. plus, the legendary jane fonda. this is "piers morgan tonight." i'm robin meade. normally you're going to find me on hln's "morning express," but i'm here tonight and thank you to piers and everyone who normally watches him for allowing me to sit in. we have a lot of news to get to. we start with that 900 foot, 14
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story cruise ship that is adrift this hour in the gulf of mexico. and the growing desperation and anger for the thousands trapped on it. the ship is called the "triumph" and it's be being slowly towed to land. it should arrive in mobile, alabama tomorrow afternoon. what it means, though, is another long night of suffering for the people who are enduring deplorable conditions. a fire knocked out the ship's propulsion system that was on sunday. that was sunday. and what began as a four-day vacation is turning into an absolute nightmare for them and family members. now, carnival is giving passengers $500 in return, but is that really enough? they're giving other things, too. but with me right now from mobile, alabama are ken kerrigan and mary puree, and their family is on board. this must be driving you crazy.
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>> very much. >> we're ready to see our babies. >> i bet you are, kim. so kim and mary, your daughters have known each other for years, and did you have any concerns about them going on vacation together? >> oh, not at all. you know, their fathers are very good friends. they hang out all the time. the kids get to hang out all the time. so it was not a question of a doubt letting them go on a trip with their fathers. we know they're in good hands. >> when was the last time you heard from your daughters and what did they say? what was the communications? >> the last time and the only time i've heard from my daughter was on monday. that was about 30 hours after the fire. she called me at work. i'm a teacher. i pulled my phone into my office. when i spoke to her, she was hysterical, crying hysterically. she was scared. she didn't know what was going to happen next. and what broke my heart the very
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most was her saying, mommy, i don't know if i'll ever see you again. that's really hard to hear from your 12-year-old daughter and you're trying to hold it together for her. >> and they called us at the same time, so i could hear rebecca over my daughter through her phone talking to her mom, and i've got mine, you know, just this gut wrenching crying, momma, just come get me. it's so hot. i don't want to be here, momma. just come get me, please. just to hear that. your heart stops. your stomach just knots up and you want to fall to the ground. but you don't. you pick yourself up and you get to your kid. >> what information do you guys have about what they are putting up with as passengers? i mean, we hear, okay, that there's very little sewage, there's very little running toilets and little food. but what did they tell you?
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>> monday i talked to my ex-husband and he told me that they had just eaten onion sandwiches and they were asking to use the red plastic bags to use the restroom in, and they had some fruit. they did have some water, but it was warm bottled water. and the conditions were just getting worse. >> what my daughter told me, i tried not to focus on the negative, i tried to focus on the fact that i loved her and missed her and i was going to do everything i could to make sure she was okay. she said that very first night, that sunday night after the fire, they slept in the hall with no power, no air, no air circulation, in the total and complete darkness, so dark that you can't see your finger in front of your face. the darkest dark. >> how scary.
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>> and that bothers me for my 12-year-old daughter to sleep on the floor, in the hallway when she's supposed to be on a pleasurable vacation. it was very hard to hear that. >> i actually interviewed a man who said his wife told him she slept in the lifeboat outside because he wanted the air because the smell was so sick. carnival says they were going to offer $500, as well as a refund, as well as a replacement trip, and i think an extra trip, if i have that correct, a full refund, you can see it on your screen, nonrefundable transportation costs, prepaid shore excursions, gratuities, and government fees and taxes. is any of this enough? what do you want to make it better? >> right now we just want them home and want them in our arms, just like everybody on that ship wants to get off that boat. >> there are 4,000 people on
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that boat that have someone waiting for them out here, just like we're just two. >> after they get settled on land and they get it behind them a little bit, i think it will start to settle and they're just going to realize it's probably not going to be enough. >> did you guys hear anything -- >> they opened the bar up and serving alcohol. >> which one of you brought -- >> serving alcohol to a bunch of angry, starving people. >> on a listing ship. >> did one of you bring antibiotics? >> we sure did. we contacted our doctors and told them what was going on with the situation, that our daughters were on there. they gave us an antibiotic to take with us to get our daughters started on, because we weren't sure we were getting them off. >> we don't know what kind of conditions they're in.
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we're dealing with staph infections and norovirus and any number of other things. >> better safe than sorry. kim and mary, what a nice valentine's it's going to be when you have your daughters in your arms. thank you for talking with us. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. are cruise ships worth the risk? let's ask our expert, jason clampett. i didn't want to say when the moms were on here, but there were reports too that the stabilization system on the boat, that takes power. so the boat is listing. i can't imagine the thought of your kid out on the deck and the boat is listing. >> and when the power goes out, as it did, they have backup systems that can back up generators, but they only manage the most important functions, the navigation and keeping
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lights on up top. >> the reason we had you on tonight, i wanted to know what rights do you have as a traveler? who buys a cruise? so you're paying and you're probably hitting i agree on something that you signed your life away on a boat that is probably flagged in the bahamas. so as an american traveler, what do you got? >> you don't have a lot. there's a ton of fine print whenever you travel. whether you're flying or whether you're on the cruise, you don't have a lot of rights. you turn those over. so the passengers who are on the ship aren't going to have a great deal of recourse when they get home. those who purchased insurance, insurance doesn't really cover this type of thing, because it's not their -- their trip wasn't interrupted and they aren't incurring extra expenses. so they can't be compensated that way. travel insurance doesn't typically cover inconvenience, it covers lost money.
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>> how do you protect yourself before taking the cruise, knowing that? does insurance really help you? >> it does help a great deal. in carnival, the decisions they're making about how to reimburse people is the same thing that your insurance would do, covering if cost of the trip, any additional travel experiences you have to incur, and those are covered throughout what carnival is doing. >> i remember a different engine fire on a ship, and i remember obviously the "costa concordia," the hobble accident off the cost of italy, and now this. don't we have to have some perspective on this? >> it's safer than driving your car down the driveway, you can say that clearly. but there's been a number of these fires on boats that have knocked out the power system. you had 2010, another carnival ship, "the splendor" where it happened in the pacific, off the coast of mexico.
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and this time last year on the 12th, a sister ship, which is also owned by the carnival corporation, lost power in the indian ocean. not as many people on board, but they have the problem of pirates there. so you have the additional worry. >> i remember that now. is this going to impact the industry? are we going to have to see a lot of sales for people to go okay, i'll board again? >> it's a terrible sight of people trapped on a ship with limited food. so i think people will think twice. so you will see deep discounting. >> the spokesperson said let me assure you no one is happy about the conditions on board the ship. in your opinion, are they doing enough? >> i think what you can -- you can judge that once everybody is back home and see how they react to the complaints and to any oversight the government tries to impose or any -- how much
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information they give about the accident and how it happened. >> jason clampett, thank you. appreciate it. so now being on board the carnival "triumph" can pose a huge health risk. family members are anxiously waiting on the shore and some of therm brought antibiotics with them just in case for the passengers at the direction of their own doctors. joining us is dr. jorge rodriguez. is that wise to do come armed with antibiotics? >> i don't think so. and for the simple reason that not all antibiotics cover everything, and taking antibiotics preventively for something that someone may not have is not a smart idea. so i personally would not recommend that. if someone comes on shore and they have a problem, they can go straight to their doctor. >> tell me a little bit about what you think the biggest health risk come of these folks
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on the boat are facing if there is in fact sewage, raw sewage around, and no air conditioning, and not proper food, it can be a number of different health problems, which is the most pressing? >> absolutely. you hit on the three mayjor one. if anybody has a cold or flu, that can spread easily. if it was up to me, i wouldn't have been giving people zip will be bags to defecate into. >> can you imagine? >> no, i can't. but you know what? you can get things on your hands and you don't have proper water to clean yourself. that's where you can spread hepatitis a or b. and hepatitis is most easily spread from people that don't know they have it. that is one of the major concerns. the second one is if there isn't enough electricity, a lot of that food could spoil, and you
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could easily get a break -- some sort of outbreak of e-coli, salmonella or staph food poisoning. so those are the three main things. >> even hard to talk about. but certainly could be a reality. i wonder too and -- you think about the love boat and there's always one doctor on board. but i wonder for a ship with 4,000 people on board, how many medical personnel you do have on a regular basis and can they handle what is presented to them? >> yeah, they usually have just one physician on board, at most two physicians. and honestly, how could they handle, you know, anything that's going on now? from what i've been reading, and you tell me if there's something different, so far there hasn't been an outbreak of anything. but this is really a floating petrie dish. it's in the gulf, it's warm, you
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don't have sanitary conditions. so hopefully they'll get back to shore within the next day or two before anything breaks out. but people that are on that cruise really have to be careful for the next day to couple of weeks. they may have contracted something that's sort of just festering under the surface and won't come to full blown infectious status. >> they are supposed to be home tomorrow. so dr. jorge rodriguez, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> i want to get to this right now. we have some incredible and heartwarming photos to share with you of a young boy freed from the underground bunker in alabama. these are pictures just released tonight of 6-year-old ethan and his mom meeting the governor and they show ethan smiling and playing and it looks like he's having a good time. he was rescued last week after spending days as the hostage of the gunman who murdered the boy's bus driver. the kidnapper was killed in the
6:17 pm
raid to free ethan. so glad to see a smile on that little boy's face. when we come back, we're going to talk about the president's proposals regarding gun control in the state of the union last night and the reaction we're getting today. and then miss jane fonda joins us. she has a cause that she's talking about. we'll ask her about things, for one, is she still going to be on the newsroom, you know, on hbo?
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gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. the families of oak creek and tucson and blacksburg and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote. >> an emotional plea by the president last night to congress in his state of the union address. he's pushing lawmakers to pass a sweeping gun control plan and he mentioned newtown. tomorrow marks two months since
6:21 pm
the sandy hook massacre, and joining us now is suzy young, the co-founder of sandy hook promise. we'll talk about that later. and also with us is bill sherlock. his wife, mary, was the school psychologist there at sandy hook elementary. she died in the gunfire, but she is going to be honored with a presidential citizens medal on friday. bill, i just want to check in first to see how you're doing as, you know, a grieving loved one who lost his dear wife, mary. how are you? >> we're fine. my daughters and i are -- we have our moments. good moments, bad moments, good days, bad days. two days ago would have been mary's birthday, so that was a little bit of a rough slide that day, but we're doing it day by day. >> i bet. did you, by any chance, hear what the president said in the state of the union regarding gun control and did you have an opinion about what he said?
6:22 pm
>> i did watch the state of the union address last night, and again, one of the reasons why i put my efforts behind the sandy hook promise, as well as the foundation for my wife, is because i believe that a multifaceted approach to this whole situation is what is warranted. and that's what the sandy hook promise is all about, talking about not just gun control, talking about mental health, talking about school safety and parenting. i think it's something that needs to be fought on all fronts. >> and interesting that you say that, because mary, your late wife, was the school psychologist. so obviously mental health of her students and the well-being of people at her school would be paramount to her. remind us of what she did on that day. >> i still don't have all the information. i do know that she was one of a number of people in a room
6:23 pm
holding a ppt that day. and she and dawn and natalie went out into the hallway at the sound of the gunfire and dawn and mary did not make it back. >> so sorry as we come up on that two-month mark. when you hear about gun control and obviously this is a huge issue, it was before, but even more now, did you feel a certain way before the shooting and now drastically different or no? regarding that issue? >> i wouldn't say drastically different, and i'm not an expert in any aspect of guns. i'm not a gun owner, never have been, and probably never will be. but i do think that i am a deep believer in the constitution, as well as the second amendment. but i do also believe that we're in a little bit of a different day now than it was when the second amendment was drawn up and it was a matter of reloading and refiring a musket versus the
6:24 pm
amount of shots that were fired off in a very short period of time at sandy hook. it's almost incomprehensible even in today's modern age. >> so your issue is more about the types of guns that we are allowed to have legally, not about the people who are getting weapons illegally? >> again, i think it's a much broader topic than just that. i think we need to have a little bit of a cultural change here, and i think a grassroots movement is the way that's going to get done, because it is really more of a marathon than a sprint, and i realize there's forces on either side that would like to see something done and done very quickly. my experience and my observations is that doesn't last very long. >> two months is not very long at all after something so horrible happening to a town. suzy young is with the sandy hook promise.
6:25 pm
the sandy hook promise was supposed to be a discussion about what to do, but also you guys have an idea about how to let people in newtown, even on valentine's day know that the rest of us are thinking about them. >> exactly, robin, yes. newtown received such an outpouring of support after the shootings. cards and letters by the thousands. our town hall is filled with poxes and boxes of them. this was meaningful not just for here in newtown and the families impacted, but the people who sent them. to this is an opportunity to continue feeling like they're doing something and it's called 1 million hearts for newtown. if you go on the sandy hook promise website, you can choose from a variety of valentine's and share them via facebook, via twitter, a multitude of ways and it's a way to keep the conversation going, to extend that support. you can also take the promise, the sandy hook promise, which is on the website. and it's a way to just continue that support. >> and you know what?
6:26 pm
you certainly still are on the minds of many of our viewers and people in america. bill, we're thinking about you, and thank you so much, suzy, for letting us now how to let people in newtown know they're still on our finds. coming up, does america need more females in charge? we'll talk to hollywood legend and activist jane fonda. snooi snooi oh!
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i'm rising because i work with young girls, most of whom are poor, most of whom have been victims of sexual abuse, and i'm rising because i'm over it. we have to stop violence against women, and when that happens, everything in the world will change. >> you're seeing jane fonda there in a tape talking about what's called the 1 billion rising campaign. and now you're seeing jane fonda live as she joins us to talk about that from los angeles. jane, it is an honor. thank you so much. appreciate that. >> thank you, robin, for having me. >> i just want to tell the
6:31 pm
audience, yes, jane obviously has won two oscars. so we'll talk about the oscars race and i warned her ahead of time i'm going to ask her what is the one thing every man should know about valentine's day, and whether she's coming back to hbo on "the newsroom." but first, what is the 1 billion rising campaign? so go ahead and hit me with that, jane. >> okay. well, about a year ago, a woman named eve, an author and activist who founded an organization called v-day, until the violence stops, which is a global organization that's raised over $90 million to stop violence around the world. i'm on the board as is anne hathaway, an amazing board. about a year ago, eve was told by the united nations, we were all informed that one out of three women in the world will be raped or beaten in their lifetime. eve did the math.
6:32 pm
that comes to about 1 billion women. >> that's ridiculous. >> so she is calling for a billion people around the world tomorrow, value entinevalentine day we express our love and appreciation for women, that a billion people will rise. people are already rising, samoa, australia. the prime minister of australia has called for the entire country to rise. it's going to spread like a tsunami around the word. 25 million in bangladesh. this has never happened before, that on one day, all around the world, this many people will stand up and say no to violence against women and girls. and not just women doing it, there are women and men and boys and girls. labor leaders, presidents, the queen mother, the dalai lama, the united nations, the french parliament. it's all over the world it's happening. >> so when you say rise up, you
6:33 pm
mean what, demonstrate or dance or? >> no, dance. i'm sorry, dancing. dancing is the opposite of violence. dancing makes your heart expand. it's full of love. it's empowering. you take up space. you express yourself. so people all around the world are in fact dancing in the streets. mtv tomorrow in new york has asked everyone from their office to go out into times square to publicize it. i was just in berlin, and all of these magazines are telling their journalists, go out in the street and dance. there is a specific dance that's been choreographed by debbie allen, but people can do anything they want, dance, sing, chant. >>ky show you a picture we just got in from manila, where we have a school apparently. it's a prep school, and there's like 200 girls, and they are being encouraged to rise up and
6:34 pm
there is a picture of that actually happening. so when you see that, you does a one-day event where people are moving, how does it have the potential to impact those young lives in that picture and the others in the 205 countries taking part? >> in the weeks and months leading up to this date, i didn't in the beginning, when eve first told me this, i thought there's no way, it's impossible. and yet what i'm seeing is the impossible actually happening. where the government of the philippines is calling for a national holiday that it's not just this year, but every valentine's day. nuns, bishops, steel workers. there's going to be an action taking place 24-7. it's all day in the philippines and live streaming all over the country. how can it change things? in france, in germany, in england, india, in so many countries people are asking the
6:35 pm
government and people in the government are saying we're going to introduce legislation addressing the issue of violence against women and girls. >> one in three, that's amazing. >> it's epidemic. >> a bunch of celebrities i know are helping you with this campaign, that includes anne hathawa hathaway. we're going to take a break, but right after the break, i'm going to ask her outside of this subject, things like she thinks the oscar chances are for "les miserables" and that is right there. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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what happened to human interest stories? obesity, breast cancer, hurricanes, older women having babies, iphones? he was great at that [ bleep ]. >> he was sleeping during that [ bleep ]. >> and whose idea was it to wake him up. >> that's jane fonda as she's
6:40 pm
playing the ceo leona lansing on hbo's "the newsroom." jane, i love you in that character. i swear i've worked for that person before. are you going to be back? >> it's kind of rupert murdoch that's been marinated a long time in ted turner. >> and that's who you base it off of. i love that. >> i love the character. and yes, i've already filmed the -- it won't air until the end of june, but the first episode of the second season. >> i wonder, were you able to use some of your past relationship experience with mr. turner -- >> ted? >> yeah, ted -- >> my favorite ex-husband. what that did for me, having been married to ted for ten years, it just made it not scary. i know the world, i know the universe, i know rupert muir dock. i know john malone. i know people who have media empires like my character, leona lansing does in the movie. so it brought me into that world with no fear.
6:41 pm
>> yeah, i love the intensity with which you play that. speaking of the intensity that people are playing different roles, the oscars are coming up here. i would like to hear from you what movies did you watch this year, and of the ones nominated, do you have some picks? >> well, i'm a voting member of the motion picture academy, so i see everything. i'm very conscientious about that. and i'm not going to tell you my favorites. there's a lot of very, very good movies there, and i have very close friends that are in leading roles like ann hathaway, like kerry washington for example, and i'm really proud of them. they do a wonderful job. i am still stunned at how few women directors are represented at the os cars. there's even fewer this year than last year, i mean, one. that's something we have to do something about. where are the women in hollywood? >> why is that? >> i'll tell you why it is, because women are not in
6:42 pm
positions of decision making power any more than they are in television, as you know well. you're a woman on screen, but the people who make the decisions are men, and they're all upstairs. the men who run the studios for the most part, they want to hire people that look like them. it's a familiar, safe thing. it's not they don't take chances. they very often a big studio will hire a man who has never made a feature film before to make a $200 million film. but women don't get hired. they do documentaries, they do independent movies. when men and women graduate from ucla film school, the men get agents and managers right away, the women don't. it's not a level playing field and it has to be. the reason it has to be is because we can't just be looking at stories and looking at the world that movies represent through the eyes of men. women see things differently. we're touched differently. our issues are different. so since we represent 51% of the
6:43 pm
population, it's just a healthy thing that we get women creating this major part of our culture, because this is the culture that creates consciousness. >> that makes me want to think about the president's cabinet. you were tweeting a lot during the state of the union, and since you did an op-ed piece, there is a female nominee i think for the secretary of the interior. but other than that, some people are complaining about the lack of diversity that they see in the leadership. >> there's a lack of diversity. we wanted gloria steinem and myself and robin morgan, we co-founded the women's media center six years ago and we were writing to president obama suggesting that the head of the fcc, the federal communications commission should be a woman. that's an extremely important position. it would be great to have a woman there. pressure, we have to keep pressuring. that's why a billion people rising is so important. talk about pressure.
6:44 pm
you know, you have a lot of people speaking out and we have to keep speaking out, and i think the president wants us to speak out. we have to pressure, pressure, pressure, so that there's change. >> you forecast i had promised the viewers i would ask you about whether you're coming back to the "newsroom." you said yes. i said let's ask jane about her one piece of advice on a totally different subject here for valentine's day. you mentioned ted your favorite ex-husband you put it. i know that you are dating richard perry, and so tell me about how you guys are going to spend valentine's day, the g-rated version. >> i'm going to be dancing in the streets as part of 1 billion rising, and i start at 10:00 in the morning and i finish down at the l.a. live and he's going to be with me. and we're going to be dancing with thousands of other people. but in terms of one bit of advice for men, valuentiue entv
6:45 pm
is supposed to be a day that represents our love and respect for women. one piece of advice would be for a man to say to his partner, i will now pledge to you that i will assume half of all the responsibility in the household so you don't have to work two jobs. you don't have to go to work, come back and deal with the house and the cooking and the food and the kids. >> survey says, all the women here like that answer. >> we need a division of labor here. >> all the women here liked that answer. >> i know they did. >> that would be a very good valentine's day gift. >> it would be the gift that keeps on giving. it would just continue. >> thank you so much for being with us this evening. we really appreciate it. i do hope that you get some time to spend with your love in addition to promoting the cause of 1 billion rising. by the way, how can the viewers take part if they wanted to?
6:46 pm
>> well, tomorrow, but in some places tomorrow is already today. starting on the 14th, which has already happened in samoa and the philippines and australia where they're rising, go out in the streets and join your fellow country people and dance and pray and chant and sing and say no more. no more violence against women and girls, and it isn't just a one-day thing. we'll pledge to do everything we can to take some action to stop violence against women. that could be a simple and very complicated when a child tells you they're being molested, report it. believe the child. the worst thing you can do is not believe the child. talk about it. and don't ever, ever, ever elect anyone to office that trivializes issues like rape, like there's a legitimate rape for example. don't vote for men who trivialize violence against
6:47 pm
women. we have to put an end to this and that's going to start tomorrow. >> it will be nice when you come back and no longer say 1 in 3, that that number will be a lot less. thank you so much. when we come back, from breaking heart es to protecting the rainforest, big talk from the man fans still call, mr. big. hello, lover. t to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you.
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great, thank you. >> actress daryl hannah was among 48 people arrested after they handcuffed themselves to the white house gates today, protesting the keystone oil pipeline. that comes one day after president obama made climate change a priority issue during his state of the union address. no, i wasn't there but the organization that i'm involved
6:52 pm
with, rain forest action network, their people were there. and -- >> so when you heard the president speak last night about climate change and that we must do something about climate change, was that enough for you? >> no, no. i mean, look, i'm a huge supporter of obama's. it's the first president i ever donated money to. but i think in terms of climate change and the environment, he's been at best disappointing. i thought it was decent rhetoric and i don't know if there's any teeth to this but, you know, look, it's complicated. he can't -- i think politicians feel like it's political suicide to be talking about the environment. the time has come when we're in a planetary emergency here. i think he could be using the bully pulpit more here. >> last night he said for the sake of our children and future
6:53 pm
we must do more to combat climate chang. we can choose to believe that superstorm sandy and the worst drought in decade -- >> well, that's great. but let's not drill in the arctic, which he was promoting. i think, you know, i think that he could be doing more for regulations with the environmental protection agency. some of the things that have come up they've ignored. i think he could be doing a lot more. it takes a lot of political courage. we're at a time when it comes to jobs and growth, people don't want to hear about it. we've got a cancer going on in this planet. we don't always see it but we're starting to see the fingerprints on it now. when we can't depend on the government, we have to look for groups likes rain forest action
6:54 pm
network, and there's many of them that go in and talk sense to government agencies. rain forest network got disney to stop using old growth rain forests for their paper and everything else. that's a huge victory. and it has teeth. rhetoric isn't enough. we've heard a lot of rhetoric. we've got to be acting radically now and we just don't seem to be able to get governments to have the kind of courage to do that. >> so their job is to make the laws and you are taking action in your own way with that network that you talked about. so tell me about you and whoopi goldberg and the big event this weekend. >> i've had three fund-raisers for rain forest action network. on sunday the 17th we're having a huge benefit -- >> also in new york for the folks who are watching. >> we're going to have food, wine, sean colvin will be playing, i'm going to be bringing my friends from "the
6:55 pm
good wife" and other actors and actresses and we're going to have a live, crazy live painter from sicircque de soleil. >> so you can get on the auction and bid. >> i donated my "sex and the city," it was like private, don't let anybody see this. i'm auctioning that. sarah jessica has graciously donated a purse from the show and -- please say that for me. >> hello, lover. >> very good. the shoes. >> how do you pronounce it?
6:56 pm
>> blaneks. >> what is mr. big doing for l valentine's day? >> i haven't figured that out. i better get going fast. i've been sort of working on this. >> you know when your wife says nothing, nothing, honey, you know not to fall for that, right? >> don't fall for that! >> i know that valentine's day is super important to the ladies so you can never fall for that. >> "the good wife" airs sunday on cbs. for information on the rain forest network, it's piersmorgan and we'll link you up to where you can do the bitting. chris, thank you so much. have a great valentine's day
6:57 pm
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